Visiting Carbondale can be one of your most memorable vacation getaway with friends and family. The place and activities are guaranteed suitable for all ages. Our guests enjoy indulging themselves in our comfortable, clean, and relaxing rooms. We suggest that you book a room a month or earlier before your arrival date to get the best room for your friends or family’s needs. We also request for the full itinerary of our guests to accommodate them for their arrival and departure. At Carbondale Accommodations, we make customer satisfaction as our primary goal.

Regular Rooms
We are in the middle of property expansion to accommodate more tourists in the coming years. Right now, we have a total of 35 regular rooms situated in front the scenic landscape of Carbondale.

Our regular rooms can accommodate one to five persons, fully air-conditioned, with one private bathroom, table with chairs, and a television. Selection of room will be random depending on how early our guests reserves the room. Housekeeping services will be optional to the whole stay of the guests. All other amenities offered in Carbondale Accommodations is also accessible by the tourist choosing regular rooms.

Suite/Deluxe Rooms

Staying for a week or so? We highly recommend our suite or deluxe rooms giving you the perfect sight of Carbondale. Fully furnished and designed by our finest architects, our suites will make you feel like you never left home. Everything you need is right here at deluxe rooms, comfy couches, bouncy beds, hot tubs and shower, laundry area, kitchen and utensils, room and food service, wide-screen television, fast-speed internet, air-condition, prioritized parking space, and most of all a spacious balcony with an unparallel view of nature.

All guests who wish to reserve a suite with us shall make arrangements a month before the actual visit. At the moment, we have a total of 27 deluxe rooms and we are continuing to expand to serve more of our guests giving comfort to the next level.


At Carbondale Accommodations, all guests are welcome to access all amenities available. We offer free freshly baked cookies in the public lounge. A high-speed wifi/internet connection is ready to surf with you all around the facilities of the hotel. We also built entertainment hall for those who wishes to stay inside – we have mini theater house, pool area, ping pong tables, and a bar serving hot and cold beverages. All the fun and ways to relax are waiting for you only here at Carbondale Accommodations. Bringing the kids with you? No worries, we also have a play area for babies and kids which they will surely love! We also care for our guests’ pets, that is why we have an area dedicated to pets/animals.

In the future, expect to see more of exciting amenities to come which will be all open to all our guests. Carbondale Accommodations is continuously improving service and facilities to cater a high-quality service that all our guests deserve. Should you have any inquiries, questions, or suggestions, you may to our contact page and kindly leave us a message.