Carbondale is known for its exquisite landscape and scenic sites. There are also a couple of historic sites popular amongst the tourists. In 2010, the city population, according to United StatesCensus, was measured at 6,427. Carbondale can be found in Roaring Fork Valley, just below Aspen and upstream from Roaring Fork River situated at the Glenwood Springs. The town itself is located on the south bank of the rivers at the junction of Crystal River. In general, Carbondale is surrounded by the 12,953 ft tall Mount Sopris which can be reached several miles coming from the south of town.

The low population and few houses in the area preserve the beauty of the location. The name of the city, Carbondale, came from Carbondale, Pennsylvania, the home of the early Carbondale settlers. The primary source of food in the city came from agriculture as the place is recognized to be all land properties. Open lands around the city are capitalized to supply food to the miners in Aspen. Come the 20th century, the silver mining activity came into the spotlight before the rise of industrial agriculture nearby. The primary product in Carbondale was potatoes which create a legacy called Potato Day, and annual fall parade and cooking fest in Sopris Park. Carbondale also was known for its coal properties but soon enough, the residents discover that it comes along with methane gas which leads to the killing of 15 miners when an explosion happened in 1981. After the explosion, the mining and coal industry permanently closed.

Due to Aspens growing the popularity of skiing and real estate, Carbondale became the guest’s bedroom and accommodation to Aspen in early 1980s. From there, the positive economic growth has been evident over the past years – creating home constructions, arts and recreational areas, all leading to improve the city’s tourism.

Knowing the geographic location and qualities of Carbondale, the place is known for those who love to take some time off and catch up with mother nature and just relax throughout the day or week. Most tourists took note of the place as amazingly relaxing place – fresh cool air, quiet areas, clean and comfortable private rooms, and so much more. There are also places like healing arts with nature for those who search for oneself and visit Carbondale to enjoy and emotionally heal. A golf course is also waiting for those who love to walk under the sun while playing with friends. Hot springs and spas are also available in Carbondale. There’s a special place in the town for artsy people such as the theaters, museums, and historical sites.

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