Summer could be one of the most loved seasons by many. It’s probably your one of the most awaited season as well. Who hates summer, anyway? All the beach fun – ladies basking under the sun, cheerful people playing beach volleyball, kids at the waterpark. Perhaps, this is also the season where you could remember all those summer flings and summer heartache. Imagine how summer is so much fun, right? We all love the season and you’ll love it even more at Carbondale, Colorado. Experience a whole new fun and exciting activities and immerse yourself with the relaxing vibes of nature.

Like any other beautiful spots in the United States, there are various things to try out in Carbondale and the neighboring cities when it’s summer. You better get yourself a room reservation or even tour adventures a couple of weeks before your trip. It will also be helpful to make a list of fun activities that you want to try when summer comes. We are pretty sure that you’ll knock off that summer-to-do list in Carbondale. Some of the fun activities we are talking about are the following:

Summer Tours

During the summer, museums and historical sites are available for explorations. So for those who love to explore and learn, this is a perfect chance to try out on your next summer destination. We suggest that you visit Mount Sopris Historical Museum which is a century old and two-story log cabin. At Thompson House Museum, also run by Mt. Sopris Historical Society, you can have a look at the home objects of the two earliest pioneer of Carbondale, Hattie Thompson Holland, and Oscar Holland. The city is also rich in cherishing community arts and culture.

Outdoor Recreation

For the adventurous souls out there, Carbondale also offers exciting and outdoor activities such as rock climbing. The Western Slope is a place known for cliff explorations and mountain climbing. There are also other small but marvelous crags. We suggest you check in Rifle Mountain Park, Independence Pass, and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. At Carbondale, you can definitely try trad climbing on a variety of rocks such as limestones, sandstones, granite, and quartzite.

Camping is also one of the main key points to remember when you visit Carbondale. The city offers family-friendly campgrounds just near the Carbondale Accommodations. You can check out on Bogan Flats, Gateway RV Park, Redstone Campground, and Thompson Creek which all make an amazing camping experience.

Biking is also one of the activities loved by the tourist. Biking is healthy not only to the physical properties of human but also to the emotional state. There are several easy and paved trails in Carbondale which the whole family can all take up in the morning or late the day. The trails usually follow creeks and rivers making the bikers amused and relaxed throughout the biking course. For those who are taking biking as a sport, do not worry, there’s a challenging path waiting for you as well. Among the places to bike, we suggest you check on Cattle Creek, Crystal Valley Trail, Porcupine Loop, and Prince Creek.

There is so much more to try out at Carbondale such as fishing, golf, hiking, horseback riding, visiting hot springs, hunting, mountaineering, rafting and kayaking, rodeo, shopping, and skateboarding – all this fun only at Carbondale!

Enjoying Summer in Carbondale